The unique invention of Prof. T. J. Shioshvili was successfully operated during 4 decades. In the beginning of 21th century apparatus underwent various modernization and an improved version of apparatus of local renal hypothermia is now available for sale worldwide!

The investigations of prof. T. Shioshvili proved that the optimal level of hypothermia in cases of two-hour long ischemia is +20 c. The hypothermia over +25c is insufficient for protection of kidney against ischemia. The deeper cooling (lower then +15c) causes the circulatory upsetting in the kidney and secondary ischemia after the surgery. The local renal hypothermia is needed also by the auto and allotransplantation of the kidney from living or cadaverous donors.

After the excision from the donor the kidney transplant is cooled by means of hypothermic perfusion (+2 +4 c) but by the transplantation itself (in the process of suturing of blood vessels which may last 30-60 minutes the kidney requires in the maintenance of renal hypothermia (+2 -+4 c) up to the moment of blood flow restoration.

პროფ. თამაზ შიოშვილი
ნეფროლითოტომია ადგილობრივი რენალური ჰიპოთერმიის აპარატის გამოყენებით.

Dr. T.J. Shioshvili demonstrates the process of performing nephrolithotomy under local hypothermia using AFLRH KIDNEYLIFE Apparatus for local renal hypothermia.

Partial nephrectomy (Tumor) with local renal hypothermia apparatus

Partial nephrectomy and nephrolithotomy with our local renal hypothermia apparatus